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Shishukunj Nairobi / Activities

Our Sunday Kendra involves of many various activities that help the children build, develop and improve their interests and talents. Below is a list of what we do:


Our Kendra starts of with exiting games which gives the children a fun way to start the day and also brings everyone together to be more energetic and enthusiastic.


We host our institution flag (dhwaj) every morning to begin off our Kendra (Daily) activities. This is done by two people who are known as rakshaks (protectors) of the dhwaj.


These are short moral stories and lessons that are shared by everyone that indicate how life is, how one should live and the morals/qualities to adapt to well living to becoming better citizens of society.


From a young age the children are taught and encouraged to focus on the spiritual path and the sing the glory of the Almighty. During this session, the children come up to the stage and sing various shloks, bhajans and dhoons, play different instruments such as harmonium, tablas, khanjri and manjira. This builds in confidence and encourages them as musicians as well as increase their belief in a higher power.


Best part of the day: Games. We play and teach traditional Indian games as well as modern games and sports that bring out the best of all the different ages where they meet tough but fun competition amongst their age mates. These games develop teamwork, leadership, agility and strength in everyone. Some of the games we play include: kho, langdi, rounders, kabbadi, fisherman among others.


This is a Children’s assembly that is run entirely by children. Various items, skills and talents are shown to everyone for entertainment. Some of these items are: jokes, skits, songs, poems, stories, dances, riddles, tongue twisters and many more. The assembly is headed by a mantri and pati. This builds confidence, public speaking skills and gets rid of stage fright.


We serve hot, scrumptious meals every day from 10:30 am to 11:00 am to our children. The meals are sponsored by various parents in celebration or commemoration of events and milestones in their lives or loved ones.


Kawayat means exercise and fitness. We use traditional methods to develop fitness and art forms using instruments such as dumbells lezims, lathi, magdar to teach our children discipline, grace and coordination and self-defence.


Every alternate Sunday, we have a hobbies sessions where we teach children practical and musical skills. The hobbies we teach include: cooking skills, drama, tabla, harmonium, art & craft and dance.

Shishukunj aims for all-round development of the child – encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social development.