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Shishukunj International Projects

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Shishukunj International Projects (SIP) is the charity arm of Kalaniketan Shishukunj. We have several projects running for the benefit of Kenyans. We aim to uplift the educational standards of the children by giving them support financially and in kind (through provision of books, stationery, infrastructure and food).

The SIP projects are run entirely on charity and funds are raised by Shishukunj members.

01Child Welfare

Children are the future. With an aspiration that every child should have the basics food, shelter and basic education to prepare them for the outside world. SIP, with the help of Shishukunj and outside donations thrives to achieve these goals


Education is a weapon that can conquer any adversity. Shishukunj has tried to create a positive and a nurturing environment for the children for them to excel and strive for a better future for themselves.


As they say Charity begins at home, Shishukunj is a charitable organization and we know that giving always feels better than receiving. SIP has initiated and is successfully running various projects.

Below are some of the projects handled as part of the SIP programe:

  • Scholarship programs for gifted Secondary School Students
  • Computer classes for Form Four students
  • Donation of books to Nyanjega Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Feeding program for schools in Limuru areas
  • Facilitating visits to museums, animal orphanage and historical sites in Nairobi
  • Providing toilet and sanitation facilities in schools
  • The ACME-Shishukunj Nursery School

Click on the below buttons (opens PDF documents) to view our work appreciation letters: 

If you wish to donate towards any of the above projects, please get in touch with Kalaniketan Shishukunj Nairobi.

Shishukunj aims for all-round development of the child – encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social development.